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  1. 31st May 1959, a ceremonial procession marking the end of the trolleybus era took place 1st June 1995.

  2. The Trolleybuses last operated to Cooden on 31 May 1959. The whole trolleybus system in Hastings and Bexhill was replaced by Motor buses on 1st June 1959 although there was a ceremonial parade from Bexhill to hastings on the 1st June to mark the end of electric traction in the area. The trolleybuses replaced a tramway system which was introduced in Hastings during 1904, and during 1906 these were extended to Bexhill and subsequently’ through the waving cornfields’ to Cooden. The tramway system gave way to trolleybuses 1928-9.

  3. 31 May 1959. There was a Ceremonial run the next day 1 June 1959 carrying civic dignitaries, company officials and invited guests. It left the Metropole (De La Warr Pavilion) at 11/45 a.m. The old trolleybus dating from 1928 headed the parade followed by ‘normal’ trolleybus and new Leyland Atlantean motor bus (491DKT). The procession travelled to Hastings Fishmarket (Old Town) then back to the Memorial clock (sadly, long gone) where luncheon was served at the Queens Hotel at 12.30 p.m. The vehicles returned to Silverhill depot where the power was switched off and electric traction ceased.

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